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Date: Apr 26, 2008 

Information Security Management System ISO 17799


  • This course will explain the methods of information security that would ensure the continuity of business management and to reduce interruptions of business by preventing and minimizing the consequences of security incidents, as well as controls aimed at protecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. These concept are defined as follows:
    1. Availability: the smooth running of information delivery
    2. Integrity: the accuracy and completeness of the information
    3. Confidentiality: selective restriction of the authority and opportunity to change, read out, copy or gain knowledge of information
  • This course will discuss how to secure information stored by different means, such as: computers, networks, printed out, written down, spoken, paper, databases, disks, tapes, design drawings, overhead slides, films, conversations and all other ways of communicating knowledge and ideas.
  • BS 7799-2:2002/ISO 17799 describes information security controls that have proved their practical value in many organizations. The document is useful to many organizations. It also explains the best practices in the area of information security, and gives information on how agreements between trade partners and between IT users and their service providers can be reached. Promoting trust between organizations is therefore a second important objective of BS 7799-2:2002/ISO 17799 and this course.

- Understand the structure and elements of the BS7799-2:2002/ISO 17799 standard
- Understand the structure and elements of an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
- Be able to structure an Information Security Policy
- Be able to interpret basic information security controls
- Be able to plan a risk assessment and draw up a Statement of Applicability
- Be able to plan the implementation, operation and the maintenance of an ISMS
- Be able to plan and conduct an information security audit
- Understand the process of certification against the BS7799-2:2002/ISO 17799 standard

- Information Security Managers
- Quality Managers wishing to integrate an ISMS in their (ISO 9001:2000 based) QMS
- Risk Managers
- Business and line Managers


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